Step 2

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So Step One of teaching abroad was doing some research. Step Two is everyone’s favorite part: The Application Process.

Luckily, Footprints Recruiting makes it relatively easy and breaks down the process so it’s not too extensive at once. They will first have you apply for Registration for the agency, which will take about 5 minutes tops. All of your typical, name/email/birthday kind of information and then you upload your resume and voila – you’re one step closer!

About 3 [business] days later, I received an email saying that my application had been approved, enabling me to apply for a specific job – in mine & my boyfriend’s case, a Job in the Public Schools of South Korea. They send you the link of where to go to fill out the next application, which consists of similar basic questions as the first app, and then also has a few questions:

Tell us about a time when you were put in a specific situation where you had to explore, adjust or learn about a culture that was completely different from your own.

Tell me about a specific time when you either enjoyed acting as a mentor or teaching a person something new.

The app also had some placement questions, along with availability questions so they can contact you (via Skype usually) for an interview. This app was a tad bit more time consuming but still took less than half an hour. It also gives you links about how to obtain the rest of the information/documents they require you to have – FBI Criminal Backgrounds check (which includes getting fingerprints done and sent to their offices), passport and TESL certification.

So now, we’re just waiting for them to contact us for an interview and also trying to figure out how to get our TESL and background check whilst traveling for the next month and a half. Wish us luck:)


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