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10 Things I Love About Korea

After spending some time with a friend in Tokyo this summer, I realized (or was more told) that I’m generally pretty negative about Korea. While everyone vents about work and many people abroad have frustrations with the cultural differences, this should be no excuse for me to show Korea in such an unfavorable light when […]

The Life of a Korean Kindergartener

I thought teaching at a Kindergarten would essentially make me a glorified babysitter. You know, endless amounts of arts and crafts, singing, playing, and maybe every once in a while, a little bit of the ABCs. I had no idea that my Kindergarteners’ schedules would be busier and more intense than mine was at age […]

Throwback Post – My First Few Weeks in Korea

Writing about my new job and moving to Busan had me reminiscing about when I first came to Korea a year ago. Back during the “Weebly“-blogging days of ramblings and tangents before getting a WordPress blog. I said I would eventually copy all of my Weebly posts over to this site (well, at least the […]

A New Job and a New City

If you asked me 6 months ago whether or not I was going to stay another year in Korea, I would’ve said there was maybe POSSSSSSIBLY a 2% chance. Well okay, I probably would’ve made an obscene, sarcastic remark that involved multiple F-bombs – but you know, along the same lines as “2%”. So it […]

My Life as a Native English Teacher in Korea

Because my life is suuuuper fascinating. And also because even after one year, most of my close friends and family back home STILL don’t know what I do over here in Korea. First of all, I teach at a middle school and I’m called a “Native English Teacher”. I know, it’s confusing. Native as in, […]

10 Things I Wish I Could Teach the Korean Kiddies

Things I WISH I could teach my kids. Not that I haven’t tried (ooooh, how I’ve tried), but some things just can’t be taught. Because you know, cultural differences, language barriers, and just sheer unwillingness to deviate from the norm in Korea. 1. One word: “PLEASE”. To be fair, the Korean version of “please” is […]

I AM the Mother of Dragons

The most simple, yet most AMAZING thing EVER: View this post on Instagram All I did last week: made these awesome dinosaur/dragon illusions for winter camp with hundreds of little kiddies. #motherofdragons #khaleesi A post shared by Kirsten Joelle (@kirstenjoelle) on Jan 13, 2014 at 12:31am PST (Excuse my obnoxious voice) I mentioned in my […]

A Day in the Life of a Korean Middle Schooler

Most people would define vacation more or less as the given definition above, give or take binge drinking, sleeping in, terrible eating habits, etc.  The Korean definition of “vacation” would probably be more like: 1. an extended period of learning, esp. one spent away from ones usual school or classes.     “he took a […]