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My Life as a Native English Teacher in Korea

Because my life is suuuuper fascinating. And also because even after one year, most of my close friends and family back home STILL don’t know what I do over here in Korea. First of all, I teach at a middle school and I’m called a “Native English Teacher”. I know, it’s confusing. Native as in, […]

10 Things I Wish I Could Teach the Korean Kiddies

Things I WISH I could teach my kids. Not that I haven’t tried (ooooh, how I’ve tried), but some things just can’t be taught. Because you know, cultural differences, language barriers, and just sheer unwillingness to deviate from the norm in Korea. 1. One word: “PLEASE”. To be fair, the Korean version of “please” is […]

You [Can] Learn Something New Everyday – FREE higher education!

As I approach the halfway mark of this crazy, English-teaching journey, I am, of course, thinking about what the next adventure is going to be. While I’ve struggled to come up with an answer to this question, pondering it for the last few weeks has told me one thing: I want to keep learning. Grad […]

Looking Forward to the Apocalypse – On Being Raped by Student Loans

Just made my first of what will be MANY student loan payments. Here’s a depressing thought:  If I keep making $100 payments every month, it’ll take me over 30 years to pay off all of my debt. Here’s an even more depressing thought: My first naive calculation lacked that little detail called interest. Correction: If I […]

“I’m Suffering Now” – On Mental Illness in Korea

While teaching English here, in Korea, I did a lesson on “Feelings & Emotions”. The activities were basic with the students having to identify different situations with the corresponding emotions. For the written section, I had the students write a sentence about how they feel: “I feel _______ because ________________.” Easy enough, right? A good percentage […]