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Hiking the Fairytale Land That is Seoraksan National Park

Exactly five months ago, my friend Katrina told me about this magical place her friend had gone hiking in Korea – Seoraksan National Park. I’ve been obsessed with the place ever since – constantly Googling and researching it, incessantly checking #Seoraksan on Instagram, and trying to find the PERFECT weekend to go. I learned that […]

Busan Fireworks Festival – Round 2

I’ve probably mentioned this a dozen and a half times, but I’m obsessed with the beach. And drinking. And fireworks. And so when you combine all three of these things into an amazing festival, it’s like Christmas-fricken-morning. I raved about the Busan Fireworks Festival last year with good reason – it was abso-effin’-lutely AMAZING. Mind-blowing. […]

10 Things I Love About Korea

After spending some time with a friend in Tokyo this summer, I realized (or was more told) that I’m generally pretty negative about Korea. While everyone vents about work and many people abroad have frustrations with the cultural differences, this should be no excuse for me to show Korea in such an unfavorable light when […]

Buddha’s Birthday at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Buddha’s Birthday is a glorious national holiday in Korea (+ many other Asian countries) that allows us all an official day off right in the peak of Spring. I spent the 4-day weekend camping at Geoje Beach and didn’t actually remember how rad the temples look for this holiday until Tuesday morning (Buddha’s birthday this year). […]

Beach Camping on Geoje Island

It’s been two grueling months of work and we have finally made it to our FIRST holiday with two lovely days off! Buddha’s Birthday + Children’s Day (because they could seriously use a day off) yesterday and today meant a 4 day weekend. A group of us decided to go camping on Geoje Island, which […]

The Life of a Korean Kindergartener

I thought teaching at a Kindergarten would essentially make me a glorified babysitter. You know, endless amounts of arts and crafts, singing, playing, and maybe every once in a while, a little bit of the ABCs. I had no idea that my Kindergarteners’ schedules would be busier and more intense than mine was at age […]

Cold Killer Soup Recipe

Introducing my wonderful, chef-of-a-boyfriend, Nathaniel + First For Everything’s first food/recipe blog post! It’s been a month since Kirsten and I started at our new school, and it has been fun, challenging, rewarding, and most of all, exhausting. The first two weeks, I was focused on adapting to an entirely different organization and schedule, as […]

Holi Hai in Busan – Festival of Colors

Because sometime in the last few years, it became the “THING” to throw paint/get paint thrown at you. Unlike the super trendy Color-Run-or-Dye-or-whatever 5ks (not that I have anything against them or that I wouldn’t participate in them if it was convenient for me to do so – because I totally would), the Holi Festival […]