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10 Things I Wish I Could Teach the Korean Kiddies

Things I WISH I could teach my kids. Not that I haven’t tried (ooooh, how I’ve tried), but some things just can’t be taught. Because you know, cultural differences, language barriers, and just sheer unwillingness to deviate from the norm in Korea. 1. One word: “PLEASE”. To be fair, the Korean version of “please” is […]

20 Ways to Not be a Negative Nancy

Pardon my absence for the past month – although I won’t pretend for too long that I actually have enough “followers” that have even noticed my absence. Summer went by far too quickly and between teaching adorably needy little elementary school kids how to make fossils and kaleidocycles of constellations (history & science camp this […]

The Idiosyncrasies of Facebook

The main reasons why I have such resentment towards Facebook is because of the users. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg and his constant “updates” which result in my page being open to the public because he clearly has no regard for privacy, are a tad bit annoying. But I just can’t bring myself to delete my “timeline”. […]