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Ocean Vida Resort, Malapascua, Philippines | Review

By Nathaniel Chavin Ever since our first dive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Kirsten and I have wanted to become PADI open water certified divers. For our weeklong summer vacation, we wanted to spend it on a beautiful beach in the Philippines. After looking into the dive certification, we discovered we could probably […]

Stuck in Mediocrity – Why Blog Part 3

Every so often, I feel like I’m stuck in a rut when it comes to writing and blogging. Last time it was because I had started obsessing over views and likes and “followers” and the overall unnecessary but coveted acceptance of people I don’t even know. I get it now – it’s not about how many […]

Cold Killer Soup Recipe

Introducing my wonderful, chef-of-a-boyfriend, Nathaniel + First For Everything’s first food/recipe blog post! It’s been a month since Kirsten and I started at our new school, and it has been fun, challenging, rewarding, and most of all, exhausting. The first two weeks, I was focused on adapting to an entirely different organization and schedule, as […]

10 Things I Wish I Could Teach the Korean Kiddies

Things I WISH I could teach my kids. Not that I haven’t tried (ooooh, how I’ve tried), but some things just can’t be taught. Because you know, cultural differences, language barriers, and just sheer unwillingness to deviate from the norm in Korea. 1. One word: “PLEASE”. To be fair, the Korean version of “please” is […]

Hong Kong Guide, Things To Do and Photo Essay

I didn’t know much about Hong Kong before I went – I didn’t even really know if it was its own country or not (technically, Hong Kong – and also Macau – is a “Special Administration Region of China”. So kind of its own country with different rights and freedoms than China). The boyfriend and […]

I AM the Mother of Dragons

The most simple, yet most AMAZING thing EVER: View this post on Instagram All I did last week: made these awesome dinosaur/dragon illusions for winter camp with hundreds of little kiddies. #motherofdragons #khaleesi A post shared by Kirsten Joelle (@kirstenjoelle) on Jan 13, 2014 at 12:31am PST (Excuse my obnoxious voice) I mentioned in my […]

News Day’s Resolutions (because New YEAR’s Day doesn’t happen often enough)

So I drunkenly updated my status about 20 minutes past midnight on New Years: I didn’t mean for it to sound as Negative Nancy as it was perceived – after all, I was approximately 1 bottle of soju, a few shots of Jameson and a couple glasses of champagne deep. Honestly, I was more so […]

The Only Thing You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Twenties

I’ve read a thousand of these same articles and posts that have been circulating Facebook as of late: “20 Things You Need to Do Before You Turn 30“, “News Years Resolutions You SHOULD Be Making For 2014“, “Top 10 Things You Should Accomplish in Your Twenties“, “20 Things To Let Go of Before the New […]