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CALLING ALL TRAVELERS/BLOGGERS: Where in Southeast Asia Should I Travel?

Some people get that warm, tingly feeling while performing on stage or before a “big game” or at a concert of their favorite band – I get it while obsessing over prices of flights 7 months from now. I LOVE to plan. Especially trips abroad. And while there is a plethora of information available to me from […]

Ocean Vida Resort, Malapascua, Philippines | Review

By Nathaniel Chavin Ever since our first dive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Kirsten and I have wanted to become PADI open water certified divers. For our weeklong summer vacation, we wanted to spend it on a beautiful beach in the Philippines. After looking into the dive certification, we discovered we could probably […]

Hiking the Fairytale Land That is Seoraksan National Park

Exactly five months ago, my friend Katrina told me about this magical place her friend had gone hiking in Korea – Seoraksan National Park. I’ve been obsessed with the place ever since – constantly Googling and researching it, incessantly checking #Seoraksan on Instagram, and trying to find the PERFECT weekend to go. I learned that […]

Why Traveling Sometimes Sucks

While traveling can be one of the most enriching and memorable times in ones’ life, it can simultaneously be the hardest. And not because sleeping in hostels is sometimes uncomfortable and dirty, or because the cultural differences are too hard, or even because of the close calls getting Taken in Southeast Asia, but because being […]

One Week in Paradise | Malapascua Island, Philippines

We were given one full week off of work for summer vacation (don’t ever tell me teachers have it easy) and we knew exactly where we wanted to spend it: the PHILIPPINES. Because what more do you want from a summer getaway than perfect beaches, incredible scuba diving and dirt cheap rum&cokes? Getting to Malapascua Island: […]

10 Things I Love About Korea

After spending some time with a friend in Tokyo this summer, I realized (or was more told) that I’m generally pretty negative about Korea. While everyone vents about work and many people abroad have frustrations with the cultural differences, this should be no excuse for me to show Korea in such an unfavorable light when […]

Malapascua, Philippines – #instaSneakPeak

Since it’s already August tomorrow and I didn’t want to let July slip away without a single post (whoops! Time flies when you’re lazily laying on the beach every weekend), here’s a glimpse of our short holiday at the beautiful island of Malapascua – just north of Cebu in the Philippines. And just so you […]

Buddha’s Birthday at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Buddha’s Birthday is a glorious national holiday in Korea (+ many other Asian countries) that allows us all an official day off right in the peak of Spring. I spent the 4-day weekend camping at Geoje Beach and didn’t actually remember how rad the temples look for this holiday until Tuesday morning (Buddha’s birthday this year). […]