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Throwback Post – My First Few Weeks in Korea

Writing about my new job and moving to Busan had me reminiscing about when I first came to Korea a year ago. Back during the “Weebly“-blogging days of ramblings and tangents before getting a WordPress blog. I said I would eventually copy all of my Weebly posts over to this site (well, at least the […]

My Life as a Native English Teacher in Korea

Because my life is suuuuper fascinating. And also because even after one year, most of my close friends and family back home STILL don’t know what I do over here in Korea. First of all, I teach at a middle school and I’m called a “Native English Teacher”. I know, it’s confusing. Native as in, […]

A Day in the Life of a Korean Middle Schooler

Most people would define vacation more or less as the given definition above, give or take binge drinking, sleeping in, terrible eating habits, etc.  The Korean definition of “vacation” would probably be more like: 1. an extended period of learning, esp. one spent away from ones usual school or classes.     “he took a […]

A Guide to Surviving Public Transportation

If you’re lucky, there will be a time in your life where you rely solely on public transportation. I mean it — that would make you lucky. Because maybe  a) you live in a big city which is always amazing, b) you’ve moved to a new city (yay!) but don’t have a car (boo), c) […]

Surviving Korea – Advice for future English teachers

Teaching English in Korea can be extreme. And when I say “extreme”, I mean, it can be extremely-many-things. Life in Korea can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Teaching English here can be extremely rewarding. The weather was extremely cold when I got here and is now extremely hot. Soju is extremely cheap and bars and […]

The Brutal Bikini Wax

Yes, I’m seriously blogging about my bikini wax experience. If we know each other in real life, this may make you feel uncomfortable. Sorry ’bout it. There’s a first time for everything, right? No, this is not my first bikini wax, although I have my suspicions that it was the first for somebody else. (Source) As soon […]

A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In the past 3 months, I have spent approximately 103,500 won on public transportation. If you haven’t kept up with any of my posts or don’t know the conversion of Korean won to the US dollar, then 103,500 won really isn’t that much (about $100, if that). I originally wanted to start this post off […]

Getting Naked to Blend in – On Korean Culture and the Willingness to Strip Down

I’ve mentioned before that adjusting to Korea was difficult because of the different mentality. Western vs. Eastern thought. Progressive vs. traditional. Individualism vs. collectivism. While most of the customs in Korea contrast the liberal ways of Europe, they do have at least one thing in common: Public nudity. A group of us went to a Buddhist […]