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Why Traveling Sometimes Sucks

While traveling can be one of the most enriching and memorable times in ones’ life, it can simultaneously be the hardest. And not because sleeping in hostels is sometimes uncomfortable and dirty, or because the cultural differences are too hard, or even because of the close calls getting Taken in Southeast Asia, but because being […]

10 Things I Love About Korea

After spending some time with a friend in Tokyo this summer, I realized (or was more told) that I’m generally pretty negative about Korea. While everyone vents about work and many people abroad have frustrations with the cultural differences, this should be no excuse for me to show Korea in such an unfavorable light when […]

My Newfound Obsession with ACROYOGA

If we’re Facebook friends or if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably gotten sufficiently annoyed and sick of my incessant #AcroYoga posts and pictures. #Sorrythatimnotsorry, but AcroYoga is THE SHIT. It’s an intense workout, it’s SO MUCH FUN and it looks fricken awesome. To be honest, it’s a lot easier than it looks. But sometimes […]

The Perfect Weekend in Busan | Water Sports at Gwangalli Beach

*NOTE: Scroll down for a list of Water Sports at Gwangalli Beach Since we’ve moved to Busan, most weekends have been spent getting heavily inebriated (sorry mom) and spending an obscene amount of money on pre-drinks, cabbies, drinks, more drinks, late night munchies and more cabbies. Busan happens to be a great place to go […]

Cold Killer Soup Recipe

Introducing my wonderful, chef-of-a-boyfriend, Nathaniel + First For Everything’s first food/recipe blog post! It’s been a month since Kirsten and I started at our new school, and it has been fun, challenging, rewarding, and most of all, exhausting. The first two weeks, I was focused on adapting to an entirely different organization and schedule, as […]

Photo Essay – In Loving Memory of my Sony P&S

It’s been a wonderful three years with my little companion – my Sony point and shoot camera (Sony DSC-TX10, to be exact) but she has finally been laid to rest (AKA she randomly just stopped working last week). My little baby has traveled with me to 13 different countries and swam with me in dozens […]

Throwback Post – My First Few Weeks in Korea

Writing about my new job and moving to Busan had me reminiscing about when I first came to Korea a year ago. Back during the “Weebly“-blogging days of ramblings and tangents before getting a WordPress blog. I said I would eventually copy all of my Weebly posts over to this site (well, at least the […]

A New Job and a New City

If you asked me 6 months ago whether or not I was going to stay another year in Korea, I would’ve said there was maybe POSSSSSSIBLY a 2% chance. Well okay, I probably would’ve made an obscene, sarcastic remark that involved multiple F-bombs – but you know, along the same lines as “2%”. So it […]