Bucket List

The Best Day of Your Life

1. Visit all 7 continents

2. Live in at least 5 continents

3. Study abroad in Australia (and eat vegemite and kanga!)

4. Go Sky Diving in New Zealand

5. Visit the Sydney Opera House

6. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

7. Get a tattoo

8. Climb Everest Base Camp

9. Swim with sea turtles

10. Ride through a Floating Market in Thailand

11. See the Great Wall of China

12. Be in a flash mob

13. Go to Machu Picchu

14. Get PADI Open Water Certified

15. Go to Grad School in Europe

16. Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

17. Motorbike Vietnam – from Ho Chi Minh to the very north

18. Go to the Super Bowl (preferably when the Niners are in it!)

19. Visit Angkor Wat

20. Climb Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

21. Join the Peace Corps

Click here for my Korean Bucket List 🙂


  1. Ryan Catap · · Reply

    nice buccet list!


  2. Ryan Catap · · Reply

    knocc some out while you’re there in s. korea!


  3. How about combining 17 and 21? A flash mob on the great wall! 😉


  4. I highly recommend drinking until the sun comes up in Lisboa, Portugal 🙂 Nice blog, found you on pinterest a few times now so I’ll have to start following! And maybe I’ll even start using my blog again soon!


  5. I’ve been thinking about doing a bucket list I should do it while I’m in Korea 🙂
    (“Be a backup dancer in a K-pop video”, I’ll join you!!)


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