A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away | Part II

This past weekend rivaled my previous “Perfect Weekend in Busan” since making the awesome discovery that Busan has FREE bike rentals all over the city. About a decade ago, people started getting really concerned about the sketchy air quality and so the city has been opening up free bike rental shops over the years to encourage more eco-friendly modes of transport.

We checked out the different locations here on where you can rent, and found two locations close-ish to where we live (Haeundae Beach). We preferred the beach over the river so we headed to the Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu location (directions below) at the north end of Gwangalli Beach.

After getting somewhat lost (as per usual), we made it to the Millak Waterside Park where the bike shop was located. You could choose between two different styles – a cruiser or mountain bike (we chose the former due to its convenient beer-holding baskets) – and were allowed two glorious hours of bike riding.

We made the usual stop at the GS25 for beverages and rode up and down the beach for the full two hours, only to stop at Thursday Party (a beach front bar) for more drinks and snacks.

We had so much fun, we decided to do it again the next day (and dragged along a couple more people + a kite, which, if you didn’t know, is extremely challenging to fly while biking simultaneously. Luckily, there were no casualties and only a few close calls).

Gwangalli Beach is the perfect area to go cycling in – the sidewalks are huge, allowing a plethora of both pedestrians and cyclists to share, there’s always festivities going on in the streets/on the beach and vendors to check out (and 5,000 won kites to buy), drinking [safely] is allowed (granted, it’s allowed everywhere in Korea) and you know, the view’s alright too :).

Biking at Gwangalli Beach


Directions to the Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu location (AKA Millak Waterside Park at Gwangalli Beach):


Google Maps and Korea aren’t the best of friends (AKA finding directions on Google Maps in Korea is near impossible because pins either won’t show up in the right place on your phones/computers or just won’t load at all – they use “Naver Maps” which is all in Korean), so this Pin may or may not work. If it doesn’t, then just search on Google Maps yourself – the Millak Waterside Park is on the far north side of Gwangalli Beach almost to the river.

We took the metro (line 2/green line) from Haeundae to Millak and then walked to the park, which took a long-ish time (mostly because we were lost), but was super nice because it’s along the river. Take exit 1 or 2 and walk towards the beach (or just take a cab, which is probably preferable).

Make sure you bring your ARC or passport to rent the bikes! Happy cycling 🙂


  1. ItMatterstoGrey · · Reply

    looks beautiful and fun


  2. Cycling is great. But be careful taking pictures while on the bike!


  3. Holy crap this looks so awesome!! One more reason to go to Busan 🙂


  4. It looks so beautiful there. 🙂 I really need to get my hands on a bike to do some of this.


    1. Come down here where it’s free! 🙂


  5. Janice Jacobson · · Reply

    Hi Kirsten,

    I’m testing out what happens when you hit ‘reply’ to the email with the blog announcement. Nate’s grandma wanted to get your blog posts so I signed her up, but she wanted to know if she can reply to the emails. Let her know- I’m cling her on this one.




  6. That pic on the bike with the kite is so cute! I’ve taken advantage of the free bike rentals at the subway stations here in Daegu but I didn’t know they were free in Busan as well. I’ll def have to give it a try, looks so fun! 🙂


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