Haeundae Sand Festival

Haeundae Sand Festival - Busan, Korea

The start of summer in Korea commences the start of hundreds of awesome festivals around Korea. Festivals are right up my alley because they’re generally cheap, if not free, and they usually involve copious amounts of both drinking and photo ops. When I first moved to Busan, I saw posters advertising the annual Sand Festival and have been looking forward to it ever since. This year, it took place the weekend of June 6 – 8 and happens to be right in my backyard at Haeundae Beach :). Have I mentioned that living at the beach is amazing?

Sand sculptors from around the world (this year, from Korea, Singapore, the US, Canada, Netherlands and Italy) incorporated a jungle theme and so the festival included a storyline you could follow throughout the exhibit and a “jungle maze” for the kids. There was also a memorial for the Sewol Ferry tragedy, an area for people to create their own sand sculptures and a huge mountain of sand for kids to slide down.

For more info on the Haeundae Sand Festival, click here. For other blog posts/pictures, click here or here 🙂

Haeundae Beach is probably the most popular beach in Korea, so it gets ridiculously crowded. Luckily, the Haeundae Sand Festival is during the beginning of June, right when it’s only starting to get crowded. But beware of peak season when it looks like this:


  1. Absolutely amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!


  2. Very nice use of sand very eye catchy images well posted


  3. I would have loved to see this. 😀 Love your pictures (as always).


  4. […] the Haeundae Sand Festival, so if you want to see giant sand sculptures, you’ll have to go to this blog or this blog or this […]


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