The Life of a Korean Kindergartener

I thought teaching at a Kindergarten would essentially make me a glorified babysitter. You know, endless amounts of arts and crafts, singing, playing, and maybe every once in a while, a little bit of the ABCs. I had no idea that my Kindergarteners’ schedules would be busier and more intense than mine was at age 20. Granted, at age 20 I spent most of my free time drinking plastic-bottle-vodka at frat houses. The good ‘ole days.

ABC kids

How I taught them the ABC’s 🙂 (although my little geniuses already knew it)

Anyway, busy kids means a busy teacher. My lovely little class and I are currently juggling 16 different classes (almost all with their own text book). Yes, these little babies are taking 16 different subjects. 15 of which are in their second language and 1 of which is a THIRD language they’re learning (Chinese). Here’s a typical weekly schedule (this week’s schedule to be exact):

Korean Kindy Schedule

They have phonics classes, math classes, “social science” where they most recently learned about comets (try explaining what “the universe” is to a 6-year-old), and 2 classes where they have to memorize and act out different stories every month. And this is only from 9:45 – 2:40 each day. Afterwards, they have Korean classes, Taekwondo, ukulele lessons, ballet and more.

I mentioned before that I’m teaching at a pretty rich school so I’m sure not every Kindergarten is like this, but seriously?! They’re being asked what “connections they made” after reading about the different parts of a comet. We had a “Speech Contest” last Friday (and will have one every month) where each kid had to memorize an entire book and recite it in front of the whole school by themselves. Shit’s crazy.

Thank God we have field trips almost every week. Especially since they’re in school 51 weeks out of the year. Yes, they get one week off. Plus a few days off here and there throughout the year (my Christian school is generous enough to let me have Christmas Day off – thank you baby Jesus!)

IMG_6763 fire station IMG_6948 Love my kids

Have I mentioned that my kids are the cutest things in the world? 🙂



  1. Wow. That’s some schedule!! The smartest little 6 year olds in the world!

    Question – what is “Everybody Up”?


  2. Wow! I know from personal experience teaching in Korea that kids are pretty busy and unfortunately, not that unusual. I’ve heard different things from other friends who work in more poorer areas of the country, but it seems that in general, kids are pretty busy here. I’d like to read a more comprehensive study on it if anyone knows of one.

    In response to the person who asked what “Everybody Up” is.. If it’s what I think it is, it’s a book series teaching kids English and it’s one of my favorites. It has the best songs in it.


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