Holiday in Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

So a recent Skype sesh with the family got me slightly homesick. I happen to come from the most ridiculously awesome family ever, by the way (if I haven’t mentioned it enough times). I’ve lived away from home for about 7 years now but I’ve usually managed to visit Sacramento (the motherland) at least a couple times a year. Unfortunately, Korea has kept me quite busy and so I haven’t been home in over a year.

Thankfully, my oldest sister had a wedding last September in Hawaii, which the entire family (minus Nathaniel) attended. Which brings me to the point of this post (and the last time I’ve seen this wonderful family of mine). Hawaii was the perfect family vacation and I even managed to spend less than $500 the entire 7-8 days there (granted, I was crashing with different family members for free).

The wedding was held in Maui and it couldn’t have been more perfect. But I’ll let pictures do most of the talking:

The ceremony at White Rock/Palauea Beach (near Wailea-Makena):

Makena Beach and Golf Resort and the connecting beach:

Sunrise at the top of Haleakala volcano and a 23 mile bike ride down:

Swimming with sea turtles at Kihea Beach:

Maui Tropical Plantation:

Lahaina + Atlantis Submarines Tour:

Twin Falls Trek on the Road to Hana:

Driving Around Maui:

God I love this place.

In just a week, I was able to relax on the beach for 5 days, swim with a swarm of sea turtles, bike ride down a volcano, go surfing, learn how to properly open a coconut (okay, I probably immediately forgot), go trekking, spend tons of quality time with the family, hang out on the ocean floor in a submarine, and attend a beautiful wedding. TAKE ME BACK!!

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  1. So…. I’ve been thinking about what to do with my 3 weeks winter vacation in January/February (I know we’re a long way away yet) and one of the places that keeps coming to mind is Hawaii.

    I feel like your post is a sign and that I have to go there. If reading about it wasn’t enough, your photos may have just sealed the deal.

    You look fantastic by the way.


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