News Day’s Resolutions (because New YEAR’s Day doesn’t happen often enough)

So I drunkenly updated my status about 20 minutes past midnight on New Years:

New Years

I didn’t mean for it to sound as Negative Nancy as it was perceived – after all, I was approximately 1 bottle of soju, a few shots of Jameson and a couple glasses of champagne deep.

Honestly, I was more so just poking fun at all the “New year – new ME!” types of statuses [insert eye roll]. Seriously though, what difference does it make when it changes years? I get all the sentimental bullshit attached – reminiscing about 2013, getting a “fresh start” or “starting over” or whatever. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I suppose I kiiiind of understand what all the fuss is about.

And so no, my status wasn’t me being a Debbie Downer and having absolutely no faith that 2014 was going to “treat me right”. I just think it’s kind of silly to think that SO MUCH is supposedly going to change when the the date changes.

Because 2013 was already pretty badass. I traveled a fair amount, met a lot of cool people and did a lot of cool shit. I won’t make a super long and specific list bragging about the last 52 weeks of shenanigans like 1,043 of my Facebook friends have – but it was, like I said, pretty badass. And I’d be happy if 2014 was half as awesome as last year was. Although I’m fairly confident it’ll be even better.

What We Do TodaySo while New Years is a good excuse to go out in sparkly dresses, tall heels and drink champagne all night, that’s kind of all it is for me (although I failed to wear either this year). Resolutions and goals were only made because I made my kids write them so I had to as well.

Buddha said that “Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

I think it’s awesome that so many people are making goals for themselves to live a happier and healthier lifestyle (even if 95% of them fail within the first few weeks), but it’s not something that can only be done on the first of every year. If you want to eat healthier, put down the cheeseburger. If you want to get in shape, stop being so damn lazy and go jogging. Personally, I’d prefer to eat the cheeseburger and be lazy, but I’m not the one that made the resolutions.

But seriously, goals and resolutions are great, but they can be done all year long. So to those that will inevitably fail at your New Years Resolution within the next 2 weeks, you don’t need to wait an entire year to start over again. Just try again. And again if you fail twice. Start your New Day’s Resolution any damn day of the year. The gyms are too crowded right now anyway :).

New Years Resolutions of Korean Middle Schoolers:

Some had the same goals I had at their age:


Some kept their resolutions extremely realistic:

Resolutions2And some of them were actually pretty sweet:

Resolutions3Hope you all have a fabulous 2014 🙂





  1. Hahaha amen to this. I would have liked, unliked and then liked that status again.


  2. This is actually brilliant. Haha. I LOVE that status. And I definitely need to buy a soju when I get over there.


  3. I actually like the facebook status. I think it’s completely true. And great goals from your kiddos.


  4. Mallory · · Reply

    I want to be taller too lol


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