Nerd Heaven – Korea’s Biggest Gaming Festival


Even if you’re not a huge gamer, the G-Star Gaming Exhibition is plenty entertaining. There were over 2200 booths representing 530 different companies from around the world. They held a job fair, conferences, network parties, game awards, e-sport competitions with “professional gamers” where they played different games that all resembled the infamous LOL my kids are obsessed with (I teach them a “Slang of the Day” every week and tried teaching them “Laugh Out Loud” – they refused to believe LOL meant anything but League of Legends).

We arrived during the last hours of the exhibition so we missed most of the events but were still thoroughly entertained by all of the different booths. Koreans of all ages were engrossed in the hundreds of computers they had set up. People crowded around screens showing the live gaming tournament happening onstage with commentators, cameras and stat boards included. Dozens of high-tech devices were available to play with, including virtual reality glasses and this awesome 4D Video Game Chair:

4D Video Game ChairsKoreans are also obsessed with “pawn games” as my kids call them, which is Konglish for PHONE games. This obsession often results in kids (and even adults) being glued to their phone and having no regard to their surroundings. So of course, there were tons of booths set up, each dedicated to a single pawn game (some of which actually looked pretty legit, I’m not gonna lie).

And of course, it wouldn’t be Korea without dozens of hot Korean models wearing scandalous (and often ridiculous) outfits taking selfies of themselves and posing for the 3042834908532 Korean photographers (95% of which I suspect are not professional photographers, but typical Asians with super nice cameras).

My favorite part of the day was when we stumbled upon the “kids room” where they had a small (and free!) arcade with Tetris, Whack-a-Mole, Air Hockey, Mario Kart on Wii and several other games to keep us sufficiently entertained before playing in the dozen of ginormous blow up slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses. Now this area was my heaven 🙂

G-Star Gaming Exhibition


Who: Nerds.

What: G-Star 9th Annual Global Game Exhibition

Where: BEXCO in Busan – same stop as Centum City on the metro Line 2

When: November 14th – 17th, 2013

Game Together. Dream Forever

-Theme of this year’s exhibition, so cute right? 🙂


  1. SO COOL! I want to go!


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