10 Reasons Why YOU Should Drink Soju

So obviously I failed at writing a post every day for NaBloPoMo. It wasn’t for lack of inspiration or even because of laziness – I just didn’t have the time. I started half a dozen drafts and never finished them because I didn’t have the time to make them quality posts. And I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. (I’m also a firm believer in organizing priorities…Soju just happened to be at the top of that list. Blogging was a close second.)

I originally was going to apologize for breaking my commitment, for choosing late nights out with friends over sticking to my “promises”, and overall failing at life. But I decided to just write a few extra posts to make up for the days I missed and pretend it never happened :).

Soju is the main reason I didn’t post this past weekend and so Soju will be the topic of this post:

We Want YOU to Drink Soju10 Reasons Why YOU Should Drink Soju

You know you want to.

1. The obvious reason: it’s DIRT cheap. You can’t beat $1.50 for a bottle of alcohol – granted this small $1.50 bottle is only 20% alcohol, but it usually only takes two of them to get you reasonably inebriated.

2. Soju is the most popular spirit in the WORLD. Yes, seriously. Click here (Daily Mail), here (NPR) or here (CNN) if you don’t believe me. Around 61 million cases of Soju were sold in 2011 (compared to Jack Daniels selling 10 million cases), making Koreans the biggest lushes in the world – so jump on the bandwagon! 건배! (meaning “Geonbay” or “Cheers!” in Korean)

3. It’s delicious! If you like the taste of rubbing alcohol or the cheapest of vodkas, that is. 

4. Soju doubles as a cleaner, making it an even better value!

Soju Cleanser

5. Because Psy and these other bitches are telling you to.


6. After drinking mass amounts of Soju in one night, you’re guaranteed a relaxing day off the next day! No matter if you have to work, go to school, attend a wedding or catch a flight – Soju will prevent you from doing anything too strenuous or even remotely active the following day and will keep you in bed without caring about any prior engagements you had planned.

Source: Someecards

Source: Someecards

7. Because “taking a shot for every touchdown/field goal/interception” or “taking a shot every time somebody dies in this zombie movie” won’t end with you having to get your stomach pumped.

Source: Lucylle.com

Source: Lucylle.com

8. Soju + Beer is absolutely GENIUS. And delicious. And I actually mean it when I say “delicious” this time. Koreans call it “somaek” → Soju + maekju (beer).

9. They’re sold EVERYWHERE (given, you live in Korea). Get a few bottles at your local convenience store/711 at all hours of the day and night. Order a bottle at dinner where alcohol prices being “inflated” means paying 3 dollars. Stock up at the grocery store and buy them in 2 liter bottles.

10. Soju makes you feel comfortable enough to sleep anywhere you want! Whether it be the middle of a bar or the side of the road.

(Thank you Blackout Korea for the never-ending entertainment)

What is Soju?

Soju is a distilled rice-liquor that is incredibly popular in Korea. Side effects from consuming too much Soju consist of extreme confusion, disorientation, loss of memory and the willingness to give up alcohol for the rest of your life the following morning.




  1. Hahahaha this is funny. And also ten reasons why I don’t drink soju… except #8. Somec IS delicious.


  2. Omg, the pictures of the men passed out!! I’m very nervous about having to drink soju when I get to Korea. I think you’ve probably just scared me more. Hahaha.


  3. geez, i really swear not to drink soju anymore,,,the next morning thing….so true.


  4. you suck


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