Go Be A Pro

I meant to blog about an hour and a half ago but started reading news articles, which lead to watching video clips, which resulted in an hour of YouTubing GoPro videos.

This shit is absolutely mindblowing. MIND. BLOWING. It’s incredible how advanced technology is today and people are thinking of the most brilliant ways to use it. Okay, maybe not everybody would define “brilliant” as attaching a GoPro to your dog while playing catch with him, but it’s definitely entertaining as hell.

The inventors of GoPro have even invented drones that you can attach the camera to so you can get even crazier shots as it flies around to unreachable areas (think deep crevices in mountains or the sides of canyons and cliffs). It’s unbelievable how people have been using these cameras and as inadequate as these amazing people make me feel, they’re also incredibly inspiring.

They’re showing people that you can literally do whatever you want in this world. I was watching GoPro videos of people surfing, kayaking, literally flying over mountains (Red Bull wingsuit), sending robots into space (seriously. YouTube “GoPro robot in space”), and swimming with sharks. And my first instinct was to hate them because of how awesome they are and how jealous I am of their awesomeness.

But most of these videos are from normal people. Yes, normal people with some serious BALLS, but why can’t that be you? Why can’t that be me? Sure, I’ll probably never swim with sharks or fly over mountains, but I can do some equally (or at least almost as) cool shit and film it too. You can hate someone and be envious of the amazing things they’re doing, or you can go do it yourself.

GoPro is such an inspiring concept because it encourages people to do crazy things and also enables them to film it. And not only just film it, but be the star in it. It encourages you to be creative and try new things, whether it be attaching your camera somewhere ridiculous – like the top of your baby’s head or the back of your boat as dolphins swim behind – or going out and hiking, kayaking, snorkeling or surfing yourself. It’s more than just a camera, it’s an opportunity to create something amazing while doing something amazing.

Click HERE for an interview of CEO and founder, Nick Woodman (it helps that he’s young, attractive, from San Diego and did I mention attractive? I promise every single video on this post is worth your time.)

I swear I’m not working for GoPro or anything, their product is just THAT amazing to where I’m doing this for free. And I’ll be posting an amazing GoPro video ASAP! But in the meantime, here’s a video of our travels around Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand last year where about half of it is filmed using Nate’s GoPro 🙂


  1. Thanks for the new addiction!!! Awesome post. Seriously–I Love This–love your video, too!! That will definitely be our next big purchase!!


    1. You absolutely won’t regret it! GoPros are definitely reasonably priced too – especially considering they’re HD cameras! The boyfriend and I are tempted to buy the new one, it’d be fun for each of us to have one!


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