Inspiration-less Weekend Ramblings

Autumn in Korea

Today is the first day since the start of the NaBloPoMo daily-post challenge that I have no idea what to write about.

I spent a good hour and a half renaming photo titles on my blog to procrastinate, waiting for inspiration to come. But nothing came. Even yesterday when I was on the road exploring a bit of Korea, I had an idea of what to write about. Since the start of NaBloPoMo, I’ve thought each day about what I should write. It hasn’t taken more than 20 minutes to think of something that really sparks my interest – gives me that slight elated-butterfly-fluttering-feeling and I instantly know – that’s what I’m going to write about. 

Today, I’ve got nothing. 

So this is my post to say that you can’t always force inspiration. Sometimes you need a day of rest (it is Sunday, after all). Sometimes you need a lazy day. Sometimes you need a day to just ramble on about whatever you want. And then maybe – if you’re lucky – during those ramblings, you’ll eventually find inspiration.

Instead of focusing on “what do people want to read?”, “what would be interesting to write about?”, “what posts have gotten the most views/likes/comments?”, sometimes you just need to focus on what drives you as a writer. I’ve gone through many phases of writing where I get stuck in a rut because I get too caught up in those kinds of questions – the “how do I become more popular” type of questions. Which is kinda of sad and pathetic – but it’s something most bloggers/writers go through from time to time. Because whether you like to admit it or not – you want people to read what you write. Yes, a lot of it is for yourself, but there will always be a part of you that wants people to read what you have to say – otherwise you wouldn’t be posting it on the internet. You’d be writing it in your private journal.

I think the NaBloPoMo challenge has been amazing so far – it’s forced me to dig a little deeper. It’s encouraged me to write about things I otherwise would’ve have written about (if I didn’t have to write a post every day). It’s given me an excuse to finish those months-old drafts. But not every post has to be brilliant. Not every post has to be helpful and give tips or show a hundred beautiful photos or discuss some global issue (I’m yet to do one of those, by the way). Sometimes it’s okay to just write about whatever the hell you want to write about.

And sometimes it’s good to write a post specifically reminding yourself to do so.

Autumn in Korea



  1. Inspiration is Everything…!


  2. I agree, hun. Not every post has to set the world on fire. 🙂 The reason people read your blog is because of your personal touch. Once you start focusing too much on your audience, I think blogs become too stale and generic. Love yours for yours.


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