Birds Eye View Photo Essay

So I’m on a bus right now to Gyeongju, a city a couple hours outside of Ulsan which is famous for having tons of “traditional style houses” that are around 500 years old. Since I don’t have access to a computer, it makes posting on here a little more challenging. But thank God for technology these days where I can just blog from my iPhone! So in an attempt to both clear out space on my phone (via deleting pics) and also write my daily NaBloPoMo post, I decided to do a photo essay of my favorite birds-eye-view pictures taken from my iPhone! I know, exciting stuff.

I just told the boyfriend what my NaBloPoMo plan for today was and his response was “is your blog gonna start sucking? Are you running out of material?”, so I apologize to any readers who might start feeling that way. I’m 8/30 or 4/15 or almost 1/3 finished with this challenge so hopefully my blog doesn’t start “sucking” just yet.

Can you guess where any/all of these pictures were taken? 9 photos – one in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Fiji and 2 in Hawaii.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos!


  2. Hah your blog is not sucking! I love these photos, awesome idea. Keep up with NaBloPoMo! 🙂


  3. You are so amazing! I love your blog! I don’t know how you do it…..I am so proud of you! Love you….Mom


  4. Beautiful photos……not sucking 😉


  5. wow your photos inspire me, they make me feel like discovering the world!


  6. Ooh, your blog is definitely not sucking. LOVE these photos.


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