Autumn in Korea

Autumn in Korea

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. The red, yellow, orange and gold trees raining carelessly of crisp leaves. The fresh, brisk air and warm, mild sunshine. The ground cloaked in a sea of colorful leaves that make that wonderful CRUNCH with every step. The scarves, leggings, socks and oversized sweaters you get to bundle yourself in now that the heat of summer is finally gone.

When writing about my “October Favorites” in my last post, Autumn was, of course, on the list, but I realized I barely had any photos of the beautiful Autumn trees, here in Korea. I grew up in Sacramento, California which is nicknamed the “City of Trees” and actually has the most trees per capita in the entire world. Then I spent 5 years of college in San Diego where there are barely two seasons: summer and a slightly colder winter – so needless to say, I’ve missed colorful Autumns quite a bit.

Fall in Sacramento (above) versus Fall in San Diego (below)

Anyway, as much as I miss living in the most amazingly temperate climate in the world where you can go paddle boarding with little to no clothing during December, I’m so happy to be back in a place that actually has the beautiful colors that Autumn deserves.

And so as not to leave my other home, Australia, out – here are a few of my favorite Autumn in Melbourne pictures 🙂


*Thank you Meagan from Life Outside of Texas for recommending Munsu Stadium in Ulsan to go to for some beautiful pictures of Autumn in Korea 🙂

What does Autumn look like in your current city?

© Kirsten Muolic and, 2013


  1. Very pretty! There aren’t a lot of trees where I am, but there are plenty of rice fields and weeds around them to give the area some nice browns for fall. Still, it’d be nice to see big red leaves!


  2. Your photos are so beautiful! I’m so glad you were able to get to Munsu. Wasn’t it gorgeous?! I can’t even count how many times I ooohed and ahhhhed while I was there. I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my post, but the tree lined street that I took photos of was on the west side of the stadium, just up the steps from the rose garden.


  3. Janice Jacobson · · Reply

    Here in Sonoma Country California, there’s a Japanese Maple outside one of the decks here that is just having a riot of red that is so delicious to gaze upon every day while it lasts.

    Janice Jacobson PT CAE Personal & Corporate Wellness Ergonomic Consulting



  4. Yvie Sismee · · Reply

    I love fall and miss it. Thanks for the pics.


    1. Thanks for reading Yvie! I don’t want fall to end, I’m hoping for at least one more photo shoot before all the leaves fall off 🙂


  5. Beautiful pictures, Kirsten. I think we had Autumn here for all of an hour before winter set in and decided to chill our bones. Love the colours.


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