The Best Time of the Semester: Exams!

Exam time. For me, this time of the semester not too long ago was marked by a stark increase of library attendees, Starbucks pursuers and online Facebook friends – who were really just your fellow classmates pretending to study in the library whilst drinking Starbucks at midnight.

Exam time meant all-nighters to prepare last minute. Exam time meant heart-to-hearts, Facebook stalking, way too much Youtubing and burrito/fro-yo-runs turned into drinks-at-La-Casitas during “study groups”. Exam times meant a weekend afterwards that nobody ever remembered.


Source: Chucklebot

So as much fun as all of the above is (and as much as I miss San Diego State), there’s not a single time I ever looked forward to exam time – until now.

Now, exam time is like Christmas 4 times a year. For the 3 weeks leading up to it, a third of my classes are cancelled so the teachers can prepare the students for their tests (AKA give them all the answers). My kids are nicer to me in hopes that I’ll write easier test questions or that I’ll even tell them what they are. Their parents spoil us (AKA bribe us) with various snacks, beverages and desserts in the office.

Exam time schedule

My schedule this week.

Exam time also means an entire week off from teaching. Being the foreigner means I don’t have to supervise while students take tests or correct them afterwards. It’s literally an entire week of doing nothing and leaving school early. The halls are actually quiet for once. All of the teachers are too busy to care what I do and I usually get to spend this glorious week napping, reading and watching movies in the teacher’s lounge. Merry Exams everyone!


  1. In the same boat right now


  2. Ha! What a job. 😀 Enjoy it!


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