Blog or P*rn Site?

One of the perks of blogging on WordPress is that you get to see what searches online ultimately lead people to your site. For example, my blog is often showing up when people Google “how to travel cheap” or “budget travel tips”, etc.

This tool is helpful for all that SEO nonsense I know nothing about that most websites utilize to make their sites more “search friendly”. I, however, use it to see how many creepers/pervs end up on my page.

I recklessly titled a post “Getting N*ked to Blend in“, back in May which is about public bath houses in Korea. I admit, I tried to name it something racy that might get people’s attention. Unfortunately, I have been drawing the absolute wrong crowd. Instead of people interested in Korean culture, I’m getting all kinds of creepers who just want to see n*ked Koreans.

This month’s top searches:

This month

This week’s searches thus far:

This weekNot cool.

Some people are really specific with their searches:

Specific searchesAnd then there’s these people:

Weird searches

I couldn’t believe that my little travel blog would seriously come up so often from these kinds of searches, but I googled “n*ked Korean” myself (strictly for research purposes, people) and sure enough, my blog was sixth! Right after a free p*rn site and “korean*”.

Hopefully this post isn’t adding additional perv-attracting keywords, hence the many asterisks used.

So to any and all perverts and creepers who have mistakenly come across my page in hopes that you would find pictures of n*ked Koreans: I apologize for the disappointment. On a lighter note, you may now read a little bit about Korean culture and hopefully use this new knowledge to find yourself a Korean girlfriend to aid your fetish. You’re welcome.


  1. hahaha!! oh boy.


  2. “Show me Korean lady naked and show their shoulders” – Wow, that’s awfully specific. But the one about the middle school students? OMG, so wrong. Ew.


    1. Seriously! I was so grossed out! Some people…


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