To Have a Facebook Page for Your Blog or Not?

First For Everything

So I’ve been rather hesitant to start a Facebook page for my blog for several reasons:

  1. I don’t know if it’s even necessary. I have my own FB page I can post links of my blog onto for friends and family to read if they want.
  2. Aren’t Facebook pages for celebrities and actual businesses?
  3. I kind of hate Facebook and 90% of what it stands for.
  4. Lastly (and probably mostly) – the usual fear of rejection, not to mention it being publicly broadcasted for all of the world to see. Well, for all of Facebook to see, but that’s pretty much synonymous these days.


It’s awkward. Don’t lie.

But I’ve decided to give in anyway and face my fears of public rejection. Let’s face it, Facebook is slowly quickly and surely taking over the world. The boyfriend bought a few shares of stocks the other day and has already doubled his money or something ridiculous. I’ve read a thousand articles (okay probably closer to 5 articles) about why having a Facebook page for your website/business/Etsy account/dog/club/band/blog is beneficial:

  • It’s an easy tool to spread your [one of the above] around different social media networks
  • The potential for more traffic to your actual site, thus creating more followers/fans/clientele or whatever
  • Facebook pages give you the tools to further understand your audience/viewership
  • SEO bullshit
  • etc etc etc

I could live without these things but the main thing I’d like to use a Facebook page for is a better contact tool. A surprising amount of people will fill out the “contact form” on my blog or leave comments asking me questions. I reply but most of these messages get lost in limbo somewhere (email servers will mark it as spam or there’s only a notification out of 20, saying there’s a comment). Facebook makes it easier for people to ask about teaching abroad or traveling without me having to give out my personal email to potential creepers/stalkers/hackers.

It’ll also be a good way to maybe write about things that aren’t necessarily long enough to write an entire post about. Posting random pictures and articles and what not is also a bonus.

So here it is, folks: – please feel free to comment or message with any questions you might have!

I’ve officially gone to the dark side.

Cheers 🙂


  1. ThePenguinGirl · · Reply

    I love blogs with FB pages. I have too many email addresses and I rarely check them for things beyond work anyway. I like getting all my worky kinda notifications through one vein, email, and all my bloggy youtubey fun stuff through another, facebook. It’s just an easier way for me to sort stuff. So I’m glad you came to the dark side! Besides, we have cookies. :>


  2. I just liked your page. I started a FB page for my blog earlier this year ( I use to to post my blog/Korea stuff on so people who are interested can see it and I don’t annoy those that aren’t interested.


  3. Your point number 4 is exactly why I’ve been blogging for four years and not created a FB page. :/


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