20 Ways to Not be a Negative Nancy

Pardon my absence for the past month – although I won’t pretend for too long that I actually have enough “followers” that have even noticed my absence. Summer went by far too quickly and between teaching adorably needy little elementary school kids how to make fossils and kaleidocycles of constellations (history & science camp this summer!), traveling to Tokyo, a 6-month-late orientation and then finally going back to school, I was on my way to Hawaii for my sister’s wedding and therefore, had even less time to blog.

So my apologies.

Don’t get too excited (as if there was any excitement being had at all) – this is mainly just a post to say that a new post is coming… soon-ish. It’s taking a little bit of getting used to being back at school – mainly just the harsh realization that 95% of my kids are still devil-children (kidding… maybe just 45%) – so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

You know, getting used to picking out the 3901581038 bones of the deep-fried-whole-fish with chop sticks that I’m served at lunch (eyes, fins and tail included). Getting used to the humidity which is surprisingly way worse than the tropical lands of Hawaii (my skin was actually drying out in Hawaii – seriously?). Adjusting to a place where communication with the majority of those around me involve an absurd amount of miming, repetition and uncomfortable silences, concluding that communication had indeed, not been made.

If you know me, you know I’m a pretty big complainer. I complain way more than is socially acceptable. Complaining about traffic or complaining about your football team losing (why Niners, whyyy?!) are perfectly adequate reasons for bitching. So while I may often find ridiculous, non-socially-acceptable reasons to complain (“God this 5 hour layover to Hawaii without wifi is SO boring”), I met someone some time ago that is an even bigger complainer (don’t worry, no names will be named) who put me and my complaining to shame.

This person made me realize how fricken downright annoying complaining people are. Nobody wants that much negativity around them. Nobody wants to hear that much (if any, at all) eye-rolling, sighing and whining from a single person about the few minor unfortunate details in life most people are smart enough to overlook and ignore (yes, eye-rolling can be heard). Nobody cares that much about this thing that this one sales person said at that one place when you were buying that thing that blah blah blahhh. God. Get over it.

I realize now that I’ve now turned this whole complaining thing full circle and am being a ginormous hypocrite complaining about people complaining (just realized that…just now. Whoops.) But anyway, the purpose of all this crazy babble-bullshit was to say that I’m attempting to “turn a new leaf”. Complain less. Be more positive. Focus on the good things in life. The glass is half full – all that bullshit, you know ;).

full glass

Whoa. (Source: Nilkanth)

A Korean lady I’ve never spoken to (and possibly never laid eyes on) just approached me at the office mid-post with what I can only assume was a very well-rehearsed conversation: “Would you like some coffee, for you? To drink? This is coffee I have.” “For me?” I said. “Yes. For you, to drink. This is my present, for you. Would you like hazelnut or caffe latte?” I graciously accepted the hazelnut coffee in amazement of how sincere and kind Koreans can make a simple gift seem.

It’s things like this I should focus on. Yes, my children are possibly the actual spawns of Satan (my coworkers all agree, in more or less the same words), but they’re kinda cute some of the time. Sure, living in Korea has been rough at times (most of the island of Maui can probably agree after some crazy chick drunkenly vented about it for a week), but I’m essentially being paid to travel. Communication can often be hard but there’s absolutely no language barrier with a sincere and kind gesture.

So how exactly do you not be a Negative Nancy, you might ask? Perhaps be around an obnoxiously pessimistic person and see the affect they have on you and your sanity. Maybe that will convince you to see the lollipops and rainbows in life. That, or you can just scroll to the bottom of this post for some actual quality articles/video that you’ll hopefully find as inspiring as I did. (If not, you might possibly be one of the aforementioned obnoxiously pessimistic people).

So while I’m sure my complaining will never completely subside, my new attempt at positivity has been written down and I am now forced to follow through. Or just delete this post later ;).

My apologies for turning what was once an “I’ll-post-a-new-post-soon” post, into a crazy soliloquy of nonsense. I promise my next few posts will be of use or will at least (hopefully) make for better reading. Oh and by the way – I made up the title of this post at the end of writing all of this in order to lure you in under false pretenses. Everybody loves to read the “25 ways to blah blah blahh”. #sorrythati’mnotsorry

Cheers 🙂

And a few positive-boosters to jump start my new outlook on life:

“How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps” (Huffingtonpost) (to my family who may be reading this, don’t let the title deceive you. I wouldn’t post that awkwardness anywhere you guys could see it.)

“13 Times Bob Ross Dropped Serious Zen Wisdom on Your Brain” (Buzzfeed)

(Because no desk-warming time at work would be complete without reading copious amounts of Huffingtonpost & Buzzfeed articles). And for your viewing pleasure, get ready to have your mind blown – or maybe at least get a little bit of a nice tingly feeling in that cold heart of yours:

If none of the above have worked yet, then go here and watch The Earth-Shatteringly Amazing Speech That’ll Change the Way You Look at Adulthood  (or watch below):

Hopefully you’re a little more positive if you were anything as negative as me, or just even more so after these heart-warming links. You’re welcome ;).

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