You’ll be seeing me on MTV soon – On Korean Pop Culture

Every now and then during my life, I hit somewhat of a slump. I go through the list of things in my life and wonder what it is – my job? Family? Friends? Boyfriend? What’s the source of this nuisance of a rut I encounter every so often?

And then randomly, usually by accident, I figure it out – it’s been wayyy too long since I’ve danced!

If you’ve ever danced – or had any kind of sport or activity you’re passionate about – then you might be familiar with the depression-like symptoms that come with abstaining from said sport or activity for too long.

Anyway, the ONE goal that I’ve had from the beginning of this trip is to be a backup dancer in a Korean-Pop video (more commonly known as K-Pop). Yes, I’m serious. So obviously I had to search for a prime K-pop dance class to brush up on my provocative dance moves (K-pop is known for their large girl-groups dancing scandalously in colorfully bizarre music videos dressed in ridiculously short shorts).

kpop (Source)

3 months of lackadaisical searching later and I’ve finally accidentally stumbled upon one when my co-worker told me she only pays 25,000 won ($25) for her gym membership, rivaling the normal 80,000-100,000 won most people pay per month.

I decided to check it out and after the disappointment of discovering that this gym doesn’t have a single treadmill, elliptical or any other workout machine for that matter, she showed me the different rooms where all of the classes take place, which is all this alleged “gym” has to offer (the $25 a month was too good to be true).

We happened to walk into one of the mirrored rooms during the “Diet Dance” class. I had absolutely no expectations but was pleased to find bumping K-pop jams, multi-colored disco/strobe lights flashing, and a sufficient amount of popping, shaking and thrusting lead by a teacher who could seriously get down. It was essentially Dance Dance Revolution meets hip hop with an emphasis of scandalous, girly K-pop moves. Obviously, I was down and enrolled immediately.

So last night was my first ever class and after feeling a considerable amount more in touch with some of Korea’s culture and learning Psy’s “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style”(of course), amongst many other upbeat K-pop hits, I am perfectly content with the sore abs and legs I am enduring today. 3 days a week of these classes and you’ll be seeing me on TV in no time 😉

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  1. OMG brilliant! I had no idea you could take those kind of classes. The moment I get to Korea, I’m enrolling. Haha.


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