Small Asian Homes for Small Asian People

NOTE: Originally posted to my old blog a little over a month ago.

A Tour of My Tiny Little Flat

Welcome 🙂
Key-less entry is quite convenient. Especially for someone who loses their keys on a regular basis.

Please take off your shoes 🙂 My shoe closet on the left and my “food waste” container on the ground (which I may or may not refuse to use)

The smallest bathroom I’ve ever had! Yep – that’s my shower above the sink. I’m definitely needing to Pinterest this bad boy somehow.

Apartments are ALL pretty much this small. Maybe not this tiny, but they are definitely far from spacious. I guess it makes sense – smaller people have smaller homes? Granted, most of my students are actually bigger than me.




Exhibit A displays my fabulously janky bed frame that needs some serious help (getting thrown out, that is).  I’m debating doing the whole “box spring upholstering” thing but that would require me to purchase a box spring. Exhibit A also boasts my super high-tech, giant flat screen TV that I wish was there but instead I have the tiniest, most ancient little box TV. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers (I wish I didn’t have to use that phrase so often).

Exhibit B shows my little kitchen-ette with the smallest fridge in the world (“smallest ____ in the world” is a theme in my new apartment). You can also get a good look at my super sweet wallpaper in these pics. And I’m being completely serious – my wallpaper is awesome compared to others I’ve seen here (you’d think all wallpaper that exists in this country was printed in the 70s and now there is no new technology that enables anyone to create new patterns).

Exhibit C is a picture  of my laundry room and the location of my “questionable” closet that I mentioned in a previous post. I call this area the ice room because it mysteriously stays negative degrees at all hours of the day, even when my heater is on (which makes drying my clothes tons of fun). You can see the door leading to this room in the panoramic picture above.

Don’t get excited – these two panoramics make my place look a lot bigger than it really is (sadly, enough). Regardless, I love my little flat, even with my ghetto clothes rack & janky bed! I have a LOT of Pinterest DIY projects to do with my place. The hard part is finding fabric & craft stores, however (no, they don’t have Michael’s or Johann’s Fabric, unfortunately.) & by the way, “googling” in this country is not nearly as helpful as it is back home – you can’t just Google where to find a fabric store – they don’t have that kind of thing online, let alone in English. But anyway, hopefully these are all “Before” pics! Wish me luck 🙂

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