On a Quest for the Best Burger in Korea

Ask me where to get the best burger back home in California and I would first have to ask a few questions, as there are many delicious burger options.

photo (2)

In-n-Out 🙂

The best value? In-n-Out, hands down. There is no burger in existence that comes close to the quality as an In-n-Out burger while maintaining the cheap price of $2.00 (give or take a few cents).

The most unique burger? Go to Nicky Rottens in downtown San Diego for a “Hangover” Breakfast Burger, “Dirty Sanchez” Baja Burger + more. I could go on – Hodad’s in OB, Islands, Ruby’s Diner, etc. OPTIONS.

So while you may think that a burger would be difficult to mess up, I have had my share of awful burgers around the world. Being away from home for a long period of time can be pretty difficult, so a lot of people will seek out comfort food. My favorite comfort foods are pizza and burgers. And thus the search for the most delicious burger began.

While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul, we were told of a wondrous place called “Kraze Burger” that had the most delicious burgers known to man. We vigilantly listened to directions, followed them thoroughly but were unable to find this renowned burger joint. Our search ended unsuccessfully after many more misleading and fraudulent directions.

(How I Met Your Mother fans would understand.)

Weeks passed and we had almost forgotten about the alleged “Kraze Burger” until a friend randomly stumbled upon it here, in Ulsan, on the 12th floor of the Hyundai Department Store!


Since it was in the middle of a shopping center, it was very cafe-esque. Our entertainment consisted of watching everyone eat their burgers with a knife and fork. While it wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had – it was certainly the best I had had in Korea.

Until going to Toolbox, that is! Toolbox is a trendy, urban burger joint in Old Downtown (somewhat close to the clock tower – I’m yet to learn actual street names in this country). They played great music (jazz+hiphop might be my new favorite genre) & had some very delicious (& very messy) burgers.

photo (4)

Both places were delicious & somewhat expensive. Around $10 for a burger and another $6 for the chili fries. Fries at Toolbox were on the house, so naturally they’re a bit stingy when it comes to dishing them out.

Leave it to me to search for the most American food while abroad. When you’re eating copious amounts of seafood and kimchi on the reg, you would be craving some unhealthy, greasy ‘Merican food too.

& one more, just for good measure 😉 (expect many more HIMYM references in the future)


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