There’s a First Time For Everything

In honor of my new blog name, here is a list of my FIRST’s so far in Korea:

  1. FIRST TIME eating pig intestines. Not all that bad, surprisingly. NOT my favorite, however.

    chicken feet

    Chicken Feet

  2. FIRST TIME eating chicken feet. Never again. It wasn’t that it tasted bad at all, I just couldn’t get past the chewy cartilage or the feet wrapping around my tongue. Not okay.
  3. FIRST TIME living on my own! (No roommates means excessive amounts of singing & dancing (naked or not) to Britney Spears, Nsync and possibly a few catchy K-pop songs)
  4. FIRST haircut outside of America! Which may not seem like a big deal, but not only is this my first haircut outside of America, but my first haircut outside of my hometown (Sacramento, California). I may or may not have been slightly (extremely) traumatized after getting my hair butchered at a Super Cuts (or somewhere else equally tacky), when they legitimately chopped off ALL my hair after my 12-year-old-self innocently asked for some layers. & I’m talking an electric RAZOR to buzz the back of my neck. TRAUMATIZED. Luckily, she did a good job here. Even if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to complain after only paying 13,000 won ($13)!
  5. My VP onto his 4th shot of Soju!

    FIRST TIME getting drunk with my boss. Okay, you caught me – this was definitely not the first time. But I never thought the Principal & Vice Principal at my school would be feeding my shots like they were rice cakes (these people LOVE rice cakes. They give me obscene amounts of rice cakes every day).

  6. FIRST TIME using a “squatter” toilet. Not down. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Don’t know what a squatter toilet is? Then you are damn lucky you’ve never had to avoid using them. My trip around Southeast Asia included many encounters and let me tell you, peeing in the ocean > [is better than] using a squatter.
  7. FIRST TIME volunteering at an orphanage.
  8. FIRST TIME eating at a restaurant where you sit on the floor (which actually occurs quite often now)
  9. I'm sure this has some special name, but regardless, it's RAW MEAT.

    I’m sure this has some special name, but regardless, it’s RAW MEAT.

    FIRST TIME eating RAW meat. Sure, I’ve indulged in a pretty rare moo-ing steak before, but this, my friends, was plain, raw meat – butchered the day before.

  10. FIRST TIME witnessing possible child-abuse & illegal child-labor… Kidding (well, kind of). The amount of cleaning these children do during their “cleaning period” is relatively reasonable (& not to mention, brilliant – why pay for janitors when you can have the students clean? Hah – kidding again…kind of) But it was definitely hard for me to watch my co-teacher literally beat the kids with a fat stick because they were acting out. Granted, this is my worst class (in terms of behavior) and now they are actually behaving much better, but that kind of thing just isn’t right. Right?
  11. FIRST TIME getting an acupuncture. (..going to an acupuncture? Does anyone actually know what the correct way of phrasing this is? Serious question, people.)
  12. Patty's Day in Seoul!

    Patty’s Day in Seoul!

    FIRST TIME celebrating St. Patty’s day with actual Irish people! Pretty positive every single foreigner in Korea was in Seoul this weekend for their Patty’s day festival.

  13. FIRST TIME purchasing tickets to a music festival. Like a 3-day-camping-get-shmammered-off-Soju-and-listen-to-[not-that-many] good-bands (+ some K-pop stars). Oh, this is definitely happening (this summer, btw). When in Rome, right?

Hopefully my adventures here will not be limited to the awesome Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunts I create for my after school classes, now that the desk-warming time is slowly diminishing and I’m actually having to do more work. AKA hopefully I will have much more exciting “FIRST’s” next time ’round. Cheers 🙂 Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 11.38.21 AM

Oh & PS, THIS is a squat toilet:

One of the cleaner ones I've encountered..

One of the cleaner ones I’ve encountered..


  1. I’m loving this blog already and I’ve only read a handful of your posts so far. 😀 Currently applying for Korea again so who knows? In September I might be joining you!


    1. Thanks Ceri! So glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 If you have any questions about the process to teach here, shoot me an email!


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