Why Blog?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a certain love for writing. I am, by no means, a great writer. I am nowhere near close to being a great writer. I’m sure great writers know the difference between a predicate and a preposition. I’m an English teacher and I still get confused. A great writer is philosophical and doesn’t need to constantly look up words in a thesaurus or dictionary to know that they’re using them in the correct context. Hey, I admit it – I’m an amateur. 

Regardless, I love writing. I used to write tons of “books” when I was young. And I’m talking, 100-page books. All hand written. All original. Probably terrible, but it was something I was always passionate about. I gave up on my book-writing at a young age (I was about 12) but have kept a diary since 3rd grade. That’s right – I still keep a diary. It may seem childish, but to me – it’s therapy. (& free therapy, at that).

I started blogging a little over a year ago before embarking on a 9-month trip that included studying abroad in Australia, travelling to New Zealand, Fiji and Southeast Asia (oh how I want to go back to that life). But anyway, blogging has been my outlet. (Granted, the most therapeutic of entries are the ones that are not open to the public.) So I decided hey – why not try and publish something? It’s so easy these days to publish something on a small site and it’s a great way to get your name out there (or at least your blog URL). 

I’ve recently started with a site, weekendnotes.com. I applied to write for them & posted a couple articles about what I did when I lived in Melbourne and BAM – they approved and published them! Now, I obviously know that this is no big deal at all (although, it was a tad bit exciting seeing one of my articles being featured in one of their weekly newsletters), but it made me realize that it’s so easy to get published. And even if it’s just for a small site like weekendnotes, it could be a start.

Now, I obviously don’t plan on being a famous author or journalist, but writing is just fun. You would be amazed how easily an innocent “diary entry” could turn into so many questions asked and answered after rambling on for hours in the middle of the night. Writing is invigorating. It stimulates your mind and gets you thinking. 

I realize that being a great writer is more than knowing the difference between the dozens of complicated parts of speech that I couldn’t even begin to describe. I mean, Hemingway won a Nobel prize for his work and most of his sentences had less than 5 words. “It rained.” A great writer can be someone that can say so much in so little words.

So why blog, you ask? Free therapy, the possibility of getting paid to write (I’ve currently earned $16.57 off my 2 articles for weekendnotes – whoop whoop!), memories transcribed, the opportunity to give your opinion to whoever might be interested in listening (this is an extremely underrated privilege that we take for granted) and obviously just for the joy of writing.

Try it. You might surprise yourself.

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